Ancient Zodiac Sign Gemstone Healing & Science Facts

Gemstone jewelry is really fascinating. Its designer as well as teach us some things about the gemstones. Do you know there is something interesting about each gemstone, and every gemstone is a birthstone of some zodiac sign? Isn’t it interesting? So let’s talk about the different zodiac signs and there gemstones. And these birthstones will help you in some or the other way in your life by wearing them.

Gemstone for Aries

As we all know Aries is number one zodiac sign and no doubt Aries loves to be number one. The Aries zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, the fierce planet. They are bold and ambitious. As they are ruled by Mars, Diamond is the gemstone for Aries. Diamonds are lucky for these zodiac signs. Diamond has its unique properties including matchless color and its crystalline structure which influence the positive and negative traits of the Aries wearing it. Gemstone as per Zodiac sign Aries is Diamond which is  considered be the lucky. It helps in growth of Aries. Although it’s the main gemstone for Aries but the gemstones aquamarine, sapphire, jasper and bloodstone are also beneficial for Aries man and woman.

How Diamond influence an Aries

The origin of the name diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas” which means “hardest metal”. Diamonds are precious stones with high brilliancy and remarkable colors. These birthstones come in different colors, the best ones are colorless diamonds.


It was believed back then that believed that gemstones have mystical powers. There are some properties of the diamond that are associated with enhancing relationships and increasing inner strength and the qualities of balance, clarity, and abundance. Diamonds are considered as the lucky charm for Aries. Wearing a diamond is also said to make you more successful at work and makes you calm and peaceful. This is why a diamond is a perfect gift for Aries and it’s the best for them as per the zodiac sign also. And the best way to wear Diamonds can be in be in any jewelry form, rings, and studs.


Gemstone for Taurus

The word Taurus is originated from the Greek word Ταῦρος and the Latin for bull. Taurus is an Earth sign represents bull. It is the second astrological sign in the present zodiac. There are several myths and bull worships that are associated with Taurus from the ancient culture. Zodiac sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus that governs love, beauty, and money. Taureans are loyal, reliable and consistent. On the other side, they are often prejudiced and inflexible. Emerald is the lucky Gemstone for zodiac sign Taurus. Emerald is the best suitable gemstone for this zodiac sign and can be worn by any form jewelry.

How Emerald influence an Taurus

The properties of emerald helps to harvest the energies of the Venus planet. Emerald symbolizes love and wisdom. It’s also considered as the goddess of gems and it represents regeneration and the principle of life. By wearing emerald gemstone by Taurus zodiacs helps to reduce eye related problems, infertility, and spinal and health problems. The other Gemstones that can complement the benefits of emerald are sapphire, amber, coral, turquoise, rose quartz and diamond. Nonetheless, emerald helps to boost sensibility and helps in increasing the social recognition of this zodiac sign.

Gemstone for Gemini

Gemini are expressive and quick witted. They have two different personalities in one. They are extremely curious, social, and communicative. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement. Gemini’s changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists, especially writers and journalists, and their skills and flexibility make them shine. Pearl is the lucky gemstone for this zodiac sign. Pearl stands for the twin aspects of joy and sorrow, life and death, light and dark. Pearls helps to develop their body, mind and soul to get the most out of them. By wearing pearls in jewelry affects a lot.

How Pearls influence a Gemini

Pearl is considered to be the most appropriate gem stone for the Gemini as it symbolizes joy and sorrow. It helps in the growth for this zodiac sign. Pearl absorbs the negative energy from the wearer, changes its form and gives it back. It also controls anger. There are a lot of healing qualities of pearl that can impact the health of a Gemini. Diseases of the heart can be cured or prevented by wearing a pearl. Issues related to stomach can also be reduced by wearing a pearl.

Apart from pearl there are other gemstone of Gemini also, Agate, Alexandrite, Emerald and Ruby. Pearl is believed to be effective for the Gemini as due to the effective conduction of the energies of its ruling planet mercury.


Gemstone for Cancer

Cancer comes fourth in the list of zodiac sign and is ruled by planet Mercury. It is represented as by the crab or they are also known as Cancer- the Brave Crab. As the crab is known for that it go in wrong direction but at least until they learn their lessons and start relying solely on themselves. The same happens with a Cancerian. Cancerians are moody, loyal, sympathetic, emotional, manipulative and insecure. They are deeply sentimental and it’s the most challenging zodiac sign. By the characteristics of a cancerian Ruby is considered as the best for them.

How Ruby influence a Cancerian

Ruby gemstone influence both positive and negative traits and characteristics of the people born under this zodiac sign. Properties of Ruby which are associated with cancer are devotion, integrity, confidence, strength and generosity. There are many healing properties of Ruby. It is said to stimulate heart chakra and bring spiritual wisdom while shielding against psychic attacks. Ruby encourages passion, confidence, motivation, joy and balances the heart. Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system. It helps in restricted blood flow, helps in curing the infections.

Other than Ruby there are some alternative Gemstones for Cancer zodiac sign; Emerald, Ruby Sardonyx, Pearl and Moonstone. To wear it stylishly people wear a combination of them in the form of Rings, earrings, pendant, etc.


Gemstone for Leo

Leo zodiac sign is ruled by Sun that is why it belongs to the element of fire. They are the born leaders, they are queen and king of their own jungle. As the fire element in them makes them warmhearted, passionate, generous, cheerful, and humorous. They have leadership qualities. Leo is also known as the Lion in the cave. They enjoy the royal status. Astrologers advise Peridot gemstone as the most important choice for the Leo born individuals.

How Peridot influence Leo

Peridot is associated with sun and it has been admired thousands of years. It was believed that the people who wore it they were protected by the evil spirits. It acts as a wisdom light for the Leo. Peridot helps the Leo to prosper in career, work and relationships. They help to grow and simultaneously come out of their regal self, and become more open. Peridot helps in healing lung problems, lymph issues, tumors, cancer and sinus problem. Also the stone makes the wearer feel more faithful and loyal to people around them. After from Peridot people with this zodiac sign can also wear other choices including Carnelian, diamond, onyx, ruby and sardonix.


Gemstone for Virgo

Virgo is an Earth sign. It was represented by the goddess of agriculture and wheat. They are, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. This zodiac sign is perfectionist at heart and they are not afraid to improve their skills. They are gentle, kind, supportive and always there to help. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, that’s why the luckiest gemstone for this zodiac sign is Mercury. Sapphire helps to bring positivity in Virgos life.

How Sapphire influence Virgo

Sapphire helps to bring positive happenings in Virgos life. It helps to become them more perfectionist. This blue colored stone helps to reduce the jealousy and evil people around them. The blue color of sapphire represents many powerful and evocative symbolism. It is the color of the skies and the stones were believed to mirror the importance of nobility, represent truth and loyalty. Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, this means it helps to reduce stress, depression, anxiety and brings joy. It helps in treating blood disorders, helps to cure heart diseases.


Gemstone for Libra

Libra zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus. The people of this zodiac sign are peaceful, fair, corporative, diplomatic and hate being alone. They are good book readers and get inspired by them. They enjoy discussions and the people who tend to say a lot. As Libra is ruled by the planet Venus makes them good lovers but they are also fond of expensive materialistic things. Libra are also known for ‘the measure of the souls’. Opal is the luckiest gemstone for Libra. This stone has enormous energy contained in it to support the motion and put an end to all forms of inactivity.

How Opal influence Libra

In ancient times it was believed as opal has many colors which makes this stone powerful. Opal brings the positivity in Libras life. Opal gemstone signifies the positive qualities of energy, endurance, vitality and power. The stone helps to ease digestive issues, cure eye infections and other vision-related issues and generally aid the body with healing. Apart from Opal there are few other stones that can positively impact the Libra’s life, like Agate, Aquamarine, Peridot, Sapphire and Tourmaline. They can be worn in any jewelry form.


Gemstone for Scorpio

Pluto is the ruling planet for Scorpio which helps in transformation and regeneration. Scorpio-born are fierce and are known for their calm and cool behaviour. They are amazing leaders and are dedicated towards whatever they do. As Scorpio is a water sign, derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. They are a lot emotional than others. Topaz is the lucky gemstone for a Scorpion. The Scorpions need to wear Topaz for its inspiring and stimulating powers that can work in their mind and soul. It helps n increasing the energy of Scorpio natives.

How Topaz influence Scorpio

It is widely believed that Topaz gemstone has a positive impact on the life of a Scorpio zodiac sign. When someone from this zodiac sign wears rings or a pendant embellished with topaz, all the negative energy from his or her body disappears; the stone has the ability to ward off evil and negativity. It helps in releasing tension and brings positivity. It helps in improving metabolism, helps in curing digestion problems. As topaz is very popular, it is easily available in a variety of colors in India.


Gemstone for Sagittarius

Jupiter is the planet for Sagittarius, which is the planet of abundance, spirituality and growth. People having this zodiac sign are amazing story tellers. They are generous, idealistic and have great sense of humour. Sagittarians are born to explore, they love to explore different cultures and loves to travel around the world. When Sagittarius-born visualise something in their minds, the will do everything they can to achieve this hence they are dedicated. Turquoise is the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius zodiac sign. This stone is opaque and have the miraculous powers.

How Turquoise influence Sagittarius

As Turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius, it is the symbol of blue sea and the sky. The gemstone Turquoise is believed to conduct the energies of the planet Jupiter with which it is sympathetic and that wearing the gemstone jewelry will focus the energies of the planet and sign through the gem. Turquoise brings prosperity, happiness, success and good fortune to the wearer. This gemstone helps in healing the lung problems; asthma, throat problems, depression and infections. All different types of jewelry are available including rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces.


Gemstone for Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorn zodiac sign is considered as the earth sign. Belonging to the element of earth this zodiac sign is the last sign in the trio of practicality and grounding. This element makes them stiff and stubborn. Whereas Saturn is the ruling planet makes them responsible and practical but also cold and unforgiving. Capricorn is considered to be the Goat of Fear a goat with the tail of a fish is created to face fear and create panic. Garnet or blue sapphire are the lucky gemstones for a Capricorn.

How Garnet or Sapphire influence Capricorn

Sapphire has the power to overcome the failures from the life of Capricorns. Whereas Garnet helps to reap the energies of the ruling planet Saturn for the overall development and welfare of the Capricorn natives. Wearing these gemstones helps this zodiac sign remove the negative energies of the planet and win the blessings of the Saturn for overall health, wealth and success. These stones helps in healing blood related issues, lung problems, different types of infections. Apart from these gemstones they can wear Agate, Turquoise, Azurite, Tigers eye, Malachite, Jasper and Peridot.


Gemstone for Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus. The ruling plant Uranus has a timid, abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature, but it also gives Aquarius zodiac sign visionary quality. They are capable of planning the future and they know exactly what they want to be doing five or ten years from now. They are known as thinkers, humanist, progressives, originals and independent. Aquarius is an air sign, these air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality. They are free spirited and eccentric. The lucky gemstone for Aquarius zodiac sign is amethyst. This birthstone assigned to Aquarius is believed to influence both positive and negative personality traits.

How Amethyst influence Aquarius

As the birthstone of Aquarius is Amethyst, it can affect the personality, relationship and business area in a prominent manner. By wearing Amethyst they can improve their communication skills and it helps to improve ability to work effectively with others toward goals or projects both personally and professionally. Amethyst gemstone helps in healing the headaches, body pains, sleeping disorders, also aids blood circulation in the body. However, garnet and Jasper are two other gemstones that also positively influence their lives, easing out the problems that crop up in their life path.


Gemstone for Pieces

Pieces is ruled by the planet Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is connected to music, artistic abilities and they are more intuitive then others. They are passionate, caring, gentle, intuitive, wise and musical. Pisces zodiac sign is a Water sign, which is characterised by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. Aquamarine gemstone is the lucky gemstone for Pieces. The luminance and transparency characteristic of this gemstone mark the fulfilment of the struggles of the individual in manifesting love and selfless service. This stone is a great purifier. It clears the impure thoughts and helps to attain spiritual mentality.

How Aquamarine influence Pieces

As Aquamarine is blue in color it reminds of sea, which relates to calm and peace and relieves stress. This gemstone is associated with friendship, heath, hope and fidelity. The stone inspires trust and wearing this gemstone you can release your stress, gives mental clarity, reduce breathing problems. Aquamarine jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces are also helpful since it is recommended to keep the gems close to your head and neck.


As said earlier Gemstone jewelry is fascinating and pairing the gemstones in your jewelry is lucky as well as designer. All the birthstones we talked about are to be worn by each zodiac sign. You can wear it as earrings, rings, and necklace or in any other jewelry form. Our artisans and craftsman focus on how to create designer jewelry using the different gemstones.

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