Rainbow Topaz Studs 925 Sterling Silver Earrings RSR2-22


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Natural Cruelty Free Mined Rainbow Topaz Studs Earrings Set in 925 Sterling Silver Prong Setting. High Quality Gemstone Micro Set with precision offered at wholesale discounted price for retail that come with safety butterfly locks.

Topaz has a long history of natural life, but Rainbow topaz has been treated improperly with a thin layer of titanium to get the desired rainbow look. Topaz is thought to have been collected by ancient Greeks from the island of Topazos, a small island near the Red Sea, where it is carved out using a method known as vacuum deposition. It’s a better topaz that delivers a breathtaking rainbow effect.

Metal Used : 925 Sterling Silver

Gemstone Size :5×5 mm

Gemstone Cut : Round Faceted



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